SONG 4 "In The Upper Room" 

Enter two thousand years ago. This is a metaphor for prayer and meditation. The message is that truth and light mean hope for all of earth’s people. Hope is actualized as people nourish each other, and souls are fed what they crave. This song is in four parts. Part one represents light comming from shadow with organic tunned percussion and Dumbeck. Part two, is a mixture of ancient and modern instruments that bring in the message of hope. Part three, is the contemplation, the upper room, which is a place of meditaion and enlightenment, it is also the room where the Last Supper took place. Part four is a return to light and spirit.

SONG 5 "One Heaven" 

Takes place one thousand years ago. The lesson is for humanity to change perspective and to learn to see through each other’s eyes; we are a family. Compassion is a light to guide spiritual transformation and can release the collective soul from the illusion of separateness. Love will bring all humankind together. Freedom is in unity and is the path to heaven. This is a three part song. Part one is the message of hope in the dark ages of the west and the age of enlightenment in the east. We use both eastern and western instruments to merge these two dynamics. Part two is the conflict of eastern and wester feudalism that was a powerful force at the time and the message which speaks of unity and love in these divided times. Part three is the contemplation and the deliverence into a new age of enlightenment and alchemy for both the east and west.

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