A trip from the Biblical times into the future. Rock artistocrats check in.

Billed as a rock opera, "Illumine", a musical based on a character called Machiventa Melchizedek who's mentioned in the Qumran scrolls - is something different, with no real casting and role-playing. But the album composed by NO NATION - that's keyboardist Steve Roseman, drummer John Hernandez and singer Ed Ulibarri - comes off as an amazing piece of work; a fact confirmed by the high-profile guests appearing here: Steff Burns whose guitar eased Alice Cooper comeback, JOURNEY bassist Ross Valory, Mike Pinder from MOODY BLUES doing narration and YES' warbler, Jon Anderson. Still, the stars don't outshine the proceeding but add some light. And there's much light in this music which is light - the band masterly eschewed expanding over one disc.

It's classic progressive rock with an edge, yet there's more substance than style, all working for the idea of spiritual evolution that sees songs counting down millenia from 5,000 years ago to a thosand years from now. A lot of time, yes, and a lot of space here, without fearsome overplaying, and the opening "Fear Not" begs for attentive (and rewarding) listening as melodies are alluring as one: "Dark", stripped of its acoustic guitar lace, could be turned into metal ballad or gripping pop tune, while "One Heaven" cut out of folk cloth is nothing short of a masterpiece. It's deep, and the further you dig, the more addictive - and shining - it gets.

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"Blue Perfection" by Ed Ulibarri

Ed Ulibarri featuring members of No Nation has completed "Blue Perfection", a prayer of hope for our planet. Please click the following to enjoy . "Blue Perfection"

Josh Ramos to play with No Nation

No Nation is proud to announce Josh Ramos as guitar player!!!!

Tracking has begun on "Numinous"

No Nation is proud to announce that “Numinous” is being tracked. This will be the second in the trilogy of rock operas following "Illumine"

No Nation signs with Renaissance Records

No Nation is proud to announce the signing of a new record contract with Renaissance Records. Illumine will be released world wide on June 10, 2007. Please stay tuned for more information.

MP3 downloads now available!

No Nation has just announced that “Illumine” is available for purchase as an MP3 download compatible with all MP3 players.

Update on follow up Rock Opera

No Nation’s second Rock Opera will continue where “Illumine” left off, in the realm of dreams and spirit. There promises to be some exciting new musical concepts as well as more special guests and some old friends from “Illumine”.

Live Concert

No Nation is in the process of putting a band together for a live concert, stay tuned for more info.

NO NATION has begun work on their 2nd ROCK OPERA

SHIPWRECK ISLAND STUDIOS ANNOUNCE: ILLUMINE is nominated for the "Best of 2005"

"No Nation has been nominated on our Best Of 2005 list. Congrats! Many thanks to No Nation for their amazing music and for sharing it with not only us but the world."

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