NO NATION Thank You & Dedication

No Nation would like to honor the following brothers and sisters who helped to co-create the magic that is “Illumine”.

Ross Valory: Ross stepped in at the start of this project and gave his time, energy and amazing performances, selflessly.

Mike Pinder: The voice behind the “Moody Blues” what an honor, having such a legend involved with our project.

Jon Anderson: We have been “Yes” fans since the early 70’s and it is an honor and a gift to have Jon’s vocal magic on “Illumine”. Jon wove some amazing vocalization textures that only Jon can do on “One Heaven”.

Stef Burns: Stef is a true gentleman and one of the finest guitar players on the planet, what a gift it was to work with this man. His burning melodies and solos added so much to “Illumine”

Deby Benton-Grosjian: Deby, a world class violinist, also stepped in towards the beginning with her haunting and beautiful violin work that added a new dimension to our music.

Jimmy Nakagawa: The Taiko Master himself. Thank you for brining in the power of the “big drums” to set the tone of the introduction.



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