Kalan Nishimoto: Kalan’s magic on Taiko, Shamison and Dizzy flute added an organic feel to the music which brought it to a completely new level. Kalan gave his time selflessly and we are very honored to have him as part of “Illumine”.

Jeff Tamelier: Jeff added his great ‘Tower Of Power” funk sound, merging it seamlessly within the context of “Ocean Of Light” and his beautiful chordal structure in the beginning of “Return to Love”.

Erik Frykman and Stu Sweatman: Both of these men came into the project at a time to help bail us out of some important acoustic guitar parts that were needed in “Pillars Of Stone”. Thank you both for your “give away” and contributions.

Ann Ulibarri: Ann’s lyrics formed the essence of “One Heaven” and “Ocean Of Light” and the fruit of that labor produced the name “Illumine” and “No Nation”, a gift for all of us.

Jason Blenkush: What can we say? A picture is worth a thousand words ... Jason created the image that is “Illumine” as well as all the art and layout on our CD, and our website. Jason has been nothing short of amazing and patient during the entire process of creating the CD art and website, with the three of us bombarding him with changes and ideas.

Tom Size:
If you look up the word “detail” in the dictionary, the name Tom Size pops right up. Tom leaves no stone unturned when it comes to mixing and his ability to “hear” the placement of the musical elements is a gift that puts him in the top of his field.

Ken Lee: When we walked into Ken’s we knew we were in the right place when we saw the catalog of classic Jazz records that Ken was hired to re-master. Ken has a set of golden ears and he gave our music the final sheen.

Mark Sandoval: Mark has been our advocate, our manager, and good will agent. Mark has been working his tail off behind the scenes making sure that our message is spread to the world.

Duane Sigel: Duane has provided us with the web servers, site updates and all that is to be expected of a web guru.

BC Carr: BC graciously spent many hours converting all of our raw track data into a format that could be transferred into Tom’s mixing engine. This essentially saved us from adding even more months of work for us.

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