SONG 1 "Fear Not"  

Our story begins about five thousand years ago. It is assumed that celestials have monitored the life and progression of the human race from the very beginning. Mankind was in danger of completely losing all spiritual insight that had been obtained up to that time. Societies practiced the grotesque ritual of sacrificing humans to appease a God they perceived as angry. God sent his emergency messenger to earth to renew the spiritual connection with human beings and to awaken awareness of the erroneous belief that God would be pleased by human suffering. In this thousand-year period, man had gone from living in scattered settlements made of mud to building the first pyramids. Music evolved from the pulse of simple drum patterns to melody and words accompanied by instruments.

SONG 2 "Pillars of Stone" 

Takes place four thousand years ago. The messenger introduces the truth that Love is the answer; it is a remedy for human pain. For the first time this revolutionary concept enters humankind’s consciousness to help move humanity forward. In this millennium, great architectural mysteries such as Stonehenge were erected, and many of the great religions of the world arose inspiring more compassionate ways of living.Old mystical Celtic melodies signal in the emergence of the "circle of stones".

SONG 3 "Dark" 

Takes place three thousand years ago. Darkness is symbolic of ignorance, which is absence of the light of truth. The collective soul has been longing to find the way out of darkness and sorrow into a new dawn, a new age, a new peace. Philosophy and religion suggest that, in order to see light, there must be shadow or darkness. The search for the meaning of life intensifies. A theme of unity emerges. The messenger sings of family, community, and Love. Melodies in the first half of the song represent the gentle light as it morphs into the struggle of light versus shadow in the second half.

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