• Tracking Recorder: Roland 2480CD
  • Midi Systems: E-Magic Logic
  • Instrument Mics: Roland DR-20 w/mic modeling
  • Vocal Mics: Langevin CR-3A & Roland DR-20 w/ mic modeling
  • Drums: Roland V-Pro Set, Taiko, Dumbek, Djembe
  • Guitar Processing: Boss GT-6 & Boss GT-8
  • Bass Processing: Boss GT-6B
  • Keyboards: Roland XV-88, Roland JD-990, Roland VK-8, Roland V-Synth, Roland V-Synth XT, Roland Fantom X w/ String, Ultimate Piano & World expansion boards
  • Acoustic Piano: Bosendorfer nine foot concert grand piano
  • Other instruments: Shamisen, Dizy Flute, Zeta Violin

NO quantization was used in any of these tracks. The keyboard and drums were recorded LIVE in one pass.

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